Mounted Archery is one of the newest disciplines that was added to the SANESA roster during 2017.
A steep learning curve followed this add and soon the firsts riders arrived!

A prerequisite for a SANESA rider wanting to participate in mounted archery, was the completion of a clinic covering equipment, tack, riding skills and safety. Due to the inherent dangerous activity that we participate in, a huge emphasis gets placed on safety.
SANESA clinics started in Jan 2017 and ran through the year to prepare the riders.

Johan de Bruto (MAASA President) coaching rider Nicholas Immelman before the start of the Korean Track.


The first of four qualifiers was held in April at ShaTranj Mounted Archery. The other three qualifiers followed over the next couple of months.
Although a very new and unknown sport in South Africa, there were 129 entries for the SANESA qualifiers during 2017.

Nationals were held at Inanda Country Base and 18 entries were received. The riders all showed tremendous growth through the year. This was seen in the fact that there were riders that moved up to a Competitive Level 4, and that within a relatively short season!

Two of these junior riders also went on to compete within MAASA and managed to earn their Protea colors!
During October 2017 they joined the senior MAASA team at the World Horseback Archery  Competition (WHAC) in Sockcho, South Korea.  Nicholas Immelman achieved an overall 2nd Place and Jacques Horn overall 3rd Place!!

Needless to say, huge pride was felt by all present!

In short, mounted archery within SANESA had an awesomely blessed season during 2017.
The riders grew a lot, not only as far as riding skills go, but also in sportmanship, and love and respect for the sport that they are participating in.

Parents and spectators were a real pleasure and not afraid to jump in and help when it was needed.

We are looking forward to 2018 and the new challenges that it is sure to bring!

Jacques Horn and Nicholas Immelman, the two juniors that earned their Protea colours and competed at the World Horseback Archery Championships in Sokcho South Korea.







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