It is Friday afternoon, 2nd of December 2016; the sun is a blistering ball against the incredible blue of the summer African Sky…
There are clouds on the horizon and the humidity makes the sweat bead on the young riders’ forehead. But it’s not only humidity. There is tension in the air…

The young rider is Nicholas Immelman and he is a mounted archer!
He can feel the warrior blood rushing through his veins; isn’t he after all Hawkeye? Is it not true that he lives and breathes mounted archery?
It is indeed…but today is the test….
Today he must prove himself worthy of competing on the mounted archery track with fellow mounted warriors…

For that is what we are.
We are riders and archers and sportsmen & women…but above all, we are mounted warriors, for this is a martial sport, bred in war, thousands of years ago!

Nicholas Immelman, Johan de Bruto (MAASA President) and Jacques van der Westhuizen (MAASA Secretary) after Nicholas’s successful grading.


Today is grading day for the newcomers to the sport. Today they will need to prove themselves worthy, and safe and capable to handle a weapon from horseback with crowds around them.

For tomorrow they will compete in the 2nd Africa Grand Tournament for the coveted title of the best mounted archer in Africa. This year will be bigger than the previous one, being held over two days and including Korean, Hungarian, Qabac and Polish disciplines.

Fifteen riders have joined Nicholas for this test to prepare them for competition conditions.


These riders will be graded according to the scores that they achieve and this will determine on which level they will compete in the Tournament, novice, student archer or horse archer.

Points from all the disciplines will add to a weighted total in order to keep the point distribution fair.
After two days the winners will emerge in Novice class, Student & Horse archer class as well as the overall placement for the Africa Champions!

L-R:Callie Kruger, George Grobler, Michelle van den Bergh, Ruan Grobler, Volker Böhm, Nicholas Immelman, Vicky van Zyl & Maretha Lubbe after a successful grading.

Mounted Archers gather to listen to the rules for the day.

Final placing for Korean 3,juniors. L-R: Caylin Jooste (2nd), Siann Jooste (1st), Darian Grobler (3rd),
Johan de Bruto (MAASA President)

Novice Class, Final Placing’s L-R: Jaco Jacobs (MAASA Vice President), Caylin Jooste (2nd Overall Novice), Caroline Jooste (1st Overall Novice), Cayla Grobler (3rd Overall Novice), Johan de Bruto (MAASA President)

2nd Grand Africa Overall Placing. L-R: Johan de Bruto (MAASA President), Deirdre de Lange (3rd Overall), Jaco Jacobs (Grand Africa Champion), Banie Smit (2nd Overall), Yusuf Bemath, Deon Janse van Rensburg, Jacques van der Westhuizen, Michelle van den Bergh, Volker Böhm, Vicky van Zyl, Callie Kruger





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